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Degree: Bachelor Industrial Designer

I’m an Industrial designer (or product designer) by education, musician and photographer by passion and a general creative beast by heart.
I’m emphatic, some times shy but enthusiastic and love to explore. Being a problem solver is part of my essence and multidisciplinarity my secret weapon!

I firmly believe that designing has a very similar method that making a song, defined by structure and choosing the right tools to create an unique piece I trust on the Design Thinking model, that Apple brand is no longer the same and beer and chill with friends is the best.





Current Status: Freelance +8 years of experience.

I studied at the Metropolitan Technical University of Santiago de Chile (UTEM), where I made a lot of different industrial design projects from solar luminary, pets accommodation in commercial places to innovative car washing for companies among other things.

Although my formal education was very product oriented, I’ve been always attracted by digital and graphic design, so later I intensified my knowledge in those fields to complement what I already learnt about ergonomic, user experience and usability.


Like a Swiss knife.

Software knowledge never seems to be enough. That’s why I’m always learning and trying new ones to stay updated and use the best tools for YOUR and my projects.
Suite Adobe (PS, AI, AE, etc) / Lightroom / Sketch / Rhinoceros / Proengineer / Autocad / 3dmax+vray / Keyshot and more..

Ignacio Montero
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UTC/GMT +2 hours / Berlín.

I’m currently Living in Germany, but I usually make appointments via skype for clients far away and talk about projects and ideas No MATTER where you are or where you live, I can always find a way to help you!
I have experience working for projects in New Zealand, USA, Chile, Germany and and other places. So, take your phone and call me or send me a email to the next:

Email – contacto @ ignaciomontero.com

Tel – Germany: +49 177 2385485 / Chile: +56 942690773

Additionally, you can always reach me on Social Media.

“If you’re looking for ransom,

I can tell you I don’t have money but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career(…)”

contact @ ignaciomontero.com​  |  Tel: +49 177 2385485