Catalina Ibarra Architecture

Brand Design


Brand Design

Create a brand image for all types of use, either for planimetries or for the Architecture office itself. Something simple and with colors of a sober style was desired, but which in turn stood out in different uses.


Create the perfect union between the name and surname, made up of straight lines and circles, which in turn plays with the figure-background and can be freely transformed in consideration of the support. The choice of colors has to do with the dynamism that the professional has developed over the years and in turn, these are the professional’s favorite colors.

Create something simple in terms of typography and, which would be applicable in all the installments that an architecture studio establishes, that is why Sans fonts are used and with some tracking to give spatiality. Additionally, mockups (3d development) were generated to see possible applications of the brand in different supports.

Client: Catalina Ibarra | Year: 2020 | Country: Germany

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