Jam Session 2020

Graphic Design – Poster
Poster Anti Racism


Graphic Design – Poster

To invite the University of Bielefeld students and natural persons to a different dates of Jazz Session event . On the other hand, it was desired to generate a creative instance, where people from different countries and cultures created music through a Jam Session.


I think about the concept of what it is a jam session, what happens there and I solve it’s an environment where the music is processed to envolve and surround the people, like the jelly in the bread, something “sticky”. I play with those two concepts and I made that poster with these characteristics. I choose just 2 colors for this poster, yellow like the bronze instruments, what it’s characteristics in a jazz band and purple for the music “jelly”. The client doesn’t have a logo and choose different colors in the title, these colors represent the Indian flag.

Client: Peafoul | Year: 2020 | Country: Germany

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